Rain Barrels Available for Battle Ground Residents

Rain barrels capture and store rain water from rooftops, which reduces polluted runoff that makes it into storm sewers and the Wabash River. Water from a rain barrel can be used to water plants, gardens, and lawns, or it can be released slowly when the ground is no longer saturated. 

The Wabash River Enhancement Corporation (WREC) —using a grant from Tipmont REMC—is offering rain barrel kits (barrel, stand, and downspout diverter) for the discounted price of $25. Households must be within the target watershed to qualify for the discount (limit one discounted kit per household). 

Contact Lafayette Renew (765-807-1800) to find out if you qualify and to get information picking up your rain barrel kit, or visit tcpwq.org/education/homeowners for more information about rain barrels.